High Kickers

Directed by • 87Mins minutes • Certificate 12 • Widescreen 16:9

Directed by Xie Yi, the Mainland action movie High Kickers stars sweetheart Eva Huang, Gordon Liu, Daniel Chan and Mark Cheng who gave their all to show off their long trained taekwondo techniques. Zhao's (Gordon Liu) taekwondo club saw better days before his beloved apprentice Han (Daniel Chan) died during an underground championship. Zhao regains his momentum after he meets Ling Ling (Eva Huang), who one day appears at his door insisting that Zhao train her. As the day of the national championship approaches, top-tier athlete Gao (Mark Cheng) arrives uninvited at Zhao's club demanding a fight, and seriously injures Zhao's only follower Yan, forcing him to withdraw from the competition. Ling suddenly reveals her real identity as Han's sister to Zhao, putting him in shock. Hoping to take revenge on her brother's killer and Zhao's enemies, Ling signs up for the competition as a male contestant. Ling fights with all she's got despite her slim chance to take down the formidable Gao.

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