Bangkok Kung Fu

As a coming-of-age revenge thriller in the vein of the superb Sleepers, Bangkok Kung Fu centers on 5 youths who are abused by the mafia and taken in by a Kung Fu master. Trained in the martial arts, they emerge as 5 young adults with a singular goal; Revenge, at any cost.

Coming from Writer/Director Yuthlert Sippapak (Killer Tattoo, Buppah Rahtree) this lavish, ass-kicking revenge flick features some amazingly slick action set pieces (you'll never ask room service for chopsticks again!) and a bevvy of really rather steamy looking Asian film stars, including Arak Amornsupasiri and Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul.

We could wax lyrical about the film all day, but take a look at the trailer and just... wow.