Bakemonogatari coming on DVD and Blu Ray from MVM

Koyomi Araragi may have survived a vampire attack, but life in high school is about to get a whole lot weirder for our young everyman...

Who knew that so many supernatural problems were just waiting around the corner for Koyomi? Not content with briefly turning him into a vampire, fate seems to have thrown the young man a massive curveball, and once he's helped his conservative classmate Hitagi, it's just one problem after another.

Bakemonogatari (or Ghostory) is a supernatural adventure which started out as a collaboration between Japanese writer Nisio Isan and Taiwanese illustrator Vofan. Shaft adapted the seres for broadcast in 2009, following up with Nisemonogatari in 2012, and the series has sold over 1 milliion DVD's and Blu Rays worldwide.

We're very happy to tell you that MVM have acquired the rights to both series and will be looking to release on DVD and Blu Ray around September 2013.