Hakkenden Eight Dogs of the East coming July

The mystical anime series with themes of loyalty and friendship arrives on DVD and Blu Ray on July 4th.

Lauded for its fantasy themes and beautiful designs, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East, will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on July 4th.

Featuring the only 3 survivors of a plague which killed the rest of their village, best friends Shino and Sosuke, along with their surrogate little sister, Hamaji, are treated with suspicion. When Hamaji is kidnapped by the church, the two friends are presented with only one option; do the bidding of the church and find the other owners of 8 mysterious gems, or suffer their wrath.

For those looking for a more cerberal edge to their mystical yarns, Hakkenden is a great watch. Featuring fantastic artwork throughout, it's a sensational little series that has already spawned a second season in Japan.

You can pre-order Hakkenden soon with Anime On Line.