MVM Classics on Blu Ray!

We're always striving to get the very best editions of our licenses to fans, so we're delighted to announce 3 incredibly popular titles are going hi-definition!

Ever since we brought the incredibly popular FLCL back for a Blu Ray release, fans have been asking us to do the same for other shows. While this isn't always possible, we can now announce that we have 3 of our best selling shows returning for a bravura HD performance:

Chobits: One of Clamp's most beloved modern-day fairy tales, the story of a boy and his android is genuinely moving and, as always with Clamp, a show featuring gorgeous designs.Chi will be back on Blu Ray on 10th October, in time for London Expo!

Berserk: Epic in scope and one of the most loved sword and sorcery tales from Japan, Berserk is a stone cold classic and a must for fans of intense, plot-led story-telling that leads to that "just-one-more-before-bedtime" feeling. Guts will return on November 21st!

Ergo Proxy: Dark, brooding and sumptuously animated, this techno-thriller has long been desired on Blu Ray. We're delighted to have finally arranged for this hi-def release to you for the 12th December.