Death Game

Death Game, the taught suspense thriller by Ring Director Hideo Nakata, lands in 2013, and we think you'll want to catch this or die trying!

Hideo Nakata, master of eerie Japanese horror, returns next year with one of our most anticipated releases of the year: Death Game.

When ten strangers agree to an interview for the same lucrative job offer they find themselves locked in an underground complex with their own unique weapon and given the ultimatum ‘kill or be killed’.

Having already grossed $14 million in Japan alone, international audiences now get the chance to fall for this classy psychological thriller starring Tatsuya Fujiwara (Battle Royale, Death Note).

Variety says:

"an eerie, unsettling soundtrack by Kenji Kawai raises goosebumps. Junichiro Hayashi's lensing is pro, and set design by Iwao Saito for the compound is an agreeable blend of upper-class elegance and '60s space-age chic."

"An enjoyable murder mystery, this restrained horror pic goes against the genre's recent tendency toward excruciatingly detailed deaths, but still wants to be scary."

Death Game will hit DVD in 2013.