Win Girls und Panzer Das Finale Part 3

Win Girls und Panzer Das Finale Part 3

Girls und Panzer continues to runmble through it's final season, so why not take a chance at winning a copy of this fan favourite?

As Oarai's tank team continues their brutal face off against Chi-Ha-Tan, the firefights also rage between Anzio and St. Gloriana, Kuromorimine and Pravda, and Jatkosota and Saunders! Six teams enter and only the survivors will advance!

To win a copy of this awesome box set, just answer the question below:

Which of the following is NOT a competing team in the series?

A: Anglerfish Team
B: Anteater Team
C: The A-Team

Please remember to include your address along with your answer, otherwise we can't send your prize to you! UK entrants only please, and good luck everyone!