We have hundreds of titles at MVM, but there are some that you really must have on your bucket list. We're very proud to bring you all our titles, but here are 8 of our absolute favourites - have you seen them all?

Fate Stay Night
posted on 15 Jun 2018

Starting life as a series of Visual Novels, the Fate Stay Night franchise has blossomed into a multi-platform franchise, and the anime is among some of the very best - find out all about the Holy Grail War here!

Flip Flappers
posted on 18 Jun 2018

Join the Flip flap agency with Papika and Cocona on a quest across dimensions to find Pure Illusion. Confused? You won't be on the flipside!

posted on 18 Jun 2018

Fantasy meets real-world military hardware in this super-popular hit. Tank vs Dragon, 'nuff said.

Girls und Panzer
posted on 18 Jun 2018

A simple tale of high school, girls and... tanks.

Love Live!
posted on 18 Jun 2018

When a school is condemned to be shut down, only a group of plucky wannabe idols can form a group and save it!

Monogatari Series
posted on 18 Jun 2018

From the mystical to the downright insane, this tale of mystical maladies is a firm favourite - beautiful designs, intriguing stories and haunting drama.

Monster Musume
posted on 18 Jun 2018

One guy, a bevy of beautiful monsters and one rule - no touching!

No Game no Life
posted on 18 Jun 2018

Gamer shut-ins on Earth, Gods in a new world. Can a brother and sister team of NEETs take over the world?