June Releases

June Releases

It's June and summer is in full swing, as are we! This month we have voice actors, angels, magical girls and frustrated heroes...

Yusibu - I couldn't become a hero, so I relictantly decided to get a job
Release Date: 11/06/2018 on Blu Ray and DVD

With the collapse of the Demon Empire, heroes are no longer needed and training is suspended, crushing Raul Chaser's dreams of glory. Relegated to working in a small store, his busy-but-dull life is interrupted by the arrival of a new staff member - the Demon Lord's daughter.

The light novel series on which this anime was based earned the Gold Award at the 23rd fantasia Awards! 

Flip Flappers
Released 18/06/2018 on Blu Ray (DVD release coming August)

The Studio 3HZ production centres around a young girl named Cocona, who is reluctantly thrust into the world of magical girls and alternate realities by her new friend Papika. The pair must team up to become magical girls and retrieve wish-granting fragments before rival organisations, but that's going to require a bit of on-the-job training...

Girlish Number
Release Date 18/06/2018 on Blu Ray and DVD

The 12 episode TV series  follows Chitose, a voice artist who has been working in the anime industry for a year and finally gets an opportunity to voice a main character.

Heaven's Lost Property
Release date 25/06/2018 on Blu Ray and DVD

Also known as Lost Property of the Sky is based on a manga series by Suu Minazuki. Tomoki Sukurai's peaceful life is shattered when he discovers what appears to be a fallen angel named Ikaros, who upon awakening announces herself as his servant. But Ikaros isn't alone, and soon other angels and threats appear, forcing the two to work together and protect the Earth.