New Releases for February

New Releases for February

We have 3 fan-favourite titles being released this month for you to enjoy, so whether you love classic zany space adventure, modern-day monster girls or just a warm-hearted slice of life anime (with a few curses thrown in) then we have you covered!

Tenchi Muyo

Hot the heels of our special edition release, we're pleased to announce Tenchi has landed on a standard collection for Blu Ray and DVD. Join SPace Pirate Ryoko, Jurai Princesses Sasami & Ayeka and a host of others in this awesome tale romantic hi-jinx.

9/10It’s more than earned a place on any collector’s shelf. - Anime UK News

10/10Tenchi Muyo OVA Collection is a must have remaster of the classic anime series. - UK Anime Network


Monster Musume Collectors Edition

Basically this series is a phenomenon. The tale of a guy living with cute monster girls, it has charmed its way across the globe. 

With only 1,000 units produced and advance orders taking nearly all, this is likely to sell out on day of release, 12th February, so if you want to own this one, order now!

Monster Musume might just be the best saucy harem comedy that I’ve seen. -

For me, MVM have hit a true home run. Other than including a 7 metre long pillow case in the box, there is honestly nothing more I would want in this release. And that, to me, is perfect. - UK Anime Network


Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda's genuine goodness seeps through every frame of this charming and critically acclaimed anime series based on the manga by Natsuki Takaya. Having lost her mother at an early age, Tohru's life is changed forever when she meets a family cursed to turn into animals of the Zodiac. Can her warmth and caring nature help this family come to terms with their fate, or even overcome their curse?

10/10 - A rare score but heartily deserved. A wonderful example of its genre. - UK Anime Network

...we've all been the onigiri in the fruit basket at some point in our lives, or the cat in the zodiac, or even just held ourselves back from living for our own reasons. This story reminds us that we don't have to be that way forever. - Anime News Network