Monogatari Series

We would say that there's only one Monogatari, but that wouldn't be true! Monogatari is the collective term for a slew of releases starting with Bakemonogatari through to Zokuwarimonogatari, and so far we've licensed them all as soon as we're able!

The thread running through the show is a series of curses placed on the characters. The first of those we meet is Hitagi Senjōgahara, a high-school girl who is practically weightless. It is revealed that a crab-god took her weight, and our main protagonist, Koyomo Araragi, feels compelled to help her. 

As the series progresses, Koyomi meets other cursed souls, and Monogatari follows each of these encounters, treating them almost like fables. What makes Monogatari so well-loved is the attention to detail that goes into the characterisation and thoughtfulness that rounds out each of the cast. It is in turns a deeply odd, quirky series that takes some time to discover what it is to be human, and how relationships we form with others can make deep changes to our own worldview and circumstances. 

It doesn't hurt that the designs are achingly cool throughout.

The Monogatari Series is available via our online store (listed in order of release for your convenience!):

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